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Transposing Music From a Major to a Minor Key – Can This Be Done?

Recently, I heard someone ask how to transpose from the key of C to the key of Em. This is a problem. One does not transpose music from a major to a minor key. Transposition of keys are done major to major, or minor to minor. The question now becomes one of trying to figure […]

Enharmonic Notes 101: The Easy Method to Understanding

What are enharmonic notes? They are two notes that SOUND the same but are written differently. This seems odd and totally unnecessary but in order to understand, let’s compare words in the English language to notes in the musical language. For example, the words two, too, and to, all SOUND the same but are written […]

Blank Sheet Music For Guitar: Red Cover,100 Blank Manuscript Music Pages with Staff, TAB and Chord Boxes

buy now $5.99 Blank Sheet Music for Guitar: 6 String Guitar, With Staff, TAB and Chord Boxes 100 Pages 8 x 10 inch – 20.3 x 25.4 cm Cover: Durable Matte Paperback. Binding: Professional grade binding (Paper back retail standard) Product Measures: 8 x 10 inch, Close to A4 Paper Interior: – 100 pages of […]

Sense of Meter in Music

Music consists of two major categories: pitch and rhythm. Pitch results in harmony and melody and rhythm is affiliated with meter, beat, measure and tempo. Pitch deals with frequency, but we are not going to cover that in this article. Rhythm deals with time and its Greek origin means “flow”. There are many ways of […]

Carlos Santana Amazing Grace Guitar Version

I’ve heard Carlos Santana’s Amazing Grace guitar version and I must say it was wonderful. However, Carlos Santana had his opinions with regards to the song “Amazing Grace” and this may leave you wondering why he made his own version of the song. According to the interview which can be found at, when Carlos […]

Nylon String Jazz Guitar

Jazz has been played on many different types of guitars-from acoustic steel string (Eddie Lang, Django Reinhardt) to amplified steel string (Charlie Christian being one of the first) to solid body (John McLaughlin, for example). Charlie Byrd was an early proponent of using a classical nylon string guitar to play jazz, and McLaughlin, Earl Klugh […]

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