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What’s So Important About the Guitar Bridge?

As one of the most important aspects of a guitar, the bridge is a device that supports the strings on a guitar. It works by transmitting the vibration of the strings which in turn transfers the sound to the air so that you can hear when a guitar is played. Any instrument that is stringed […]

Five Ways To Practice Guitar So You Can Get Your Skills Back After Not Playing For A While

Are you only now starting to practice guitar after taking a very long break away from playing? No matter if you haven’t been playing for a week, many weeks or possibly several months, you were no doubt surprised after seeing how your skills have fallen off over time. I can totally relate… a few years […]

Guitar Hero 3 Songs – Level by Level!

The Guitar Hero series of games for different platforms is one of the best and most entertaining of any music-oriented gaming series. The latest installment, Guitar Hero 3, is one of the greatest video games to be introduced to the public! Because of it’s vast popularity, many people search the internet to find Guitar Hero […]

Types of Guitars and the Importance of a Guitar in Music

A guitar is a musical instrument played with the fingers or a pick. It consist of two parts, the neck from which the strings originate and the body on which the strings end. There are two main categories of guitars, The acoustic and the electric guitar Acoustic Guitar. This is unique in that the sound […]

Home Recording…

We are working up a home recording studio section with setup and tips for you to apply to your music…

Were Back!

Were Back after some downtime after a major site crash. Many new resources for musicians are in the works. Keep checking in and dont be a dropout.

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